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CCTV & Alarm Systems

These days most of us are security conscious. Gone are the times when we left the backdoor open or a spare key under the front door mat. Today, security doors, sensor lighting and key lockboxes are more the norm. There are other things you can also do to beef up the security of your home and your loved ones, including installing CCTV and alarm systems.

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What is CCTV

What is CCTV

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. 

For security, CCTV means using a series of cameras installed around and potentially inside your home (or business). These systems can be used to monitor your location – which you can do from any computer or mobile device – at any time of the day or night. They can also be used to record and view activity after a security incident.

In addition, CCTV can be used for more practical than security reasons. For example, you may want a camera installed where your pets spend their days, so you can monitor them. Or you could install a camera door lock, which will allow you to let family, friends or tradespeople into your home, even when you’re not there.

What is an alarm system?

Alarm systems have been around for a long time, but these days they’re a lot more high-tech. They’re considered the gold standard for providing protection from thieves and would-be home intruders.

Alarm systems use a system of components to provide protection. These can include a control panel, sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors and a high-decibel alarm. CCTV also generally forms part of an alarm system. Sign or stickers are another important component of an alarm system, to help deter would-be intruders.

Alarm systems can either be non-monitored or professionally monitored. 

The former relies on the loud alarm to inform you of an intrusion so you can phone emergency services. Many systems can also include device notifications, for those times when you are not home.

A professionally monitored system, in addition to sounding the alarm and potentially sending a notification, will alert an alarm system company. The company can then take action, such as notifying you, sending a security person to your home or contacting emergency services.

A well set-up alarm system is often more comprehensive than most CCTV systems, as they can track people through sensors and detectors, and not just by video.

What is an alarm system?

Benefits of CCTV and Alarm Systems

  • The mere presence of a CCTV or alarm system is often enough for many thieves or unwanted intruders to move to the next undefended property. 
  • CCTV footage can be an extremely useful surveillance tool. CCTV is helpful after an incident in catching perpetrators. It can also be used to provide an unbiased version of exactly what has occurred, for example for insurance claims.
  • In many instances, you can reduce the cost of your insurance premium by installing CCTV and alarm systems.
  • Numerous studies have shown the value of CCTV and alarm systems (such as one that showed that crime in areas monitored by CCTV was 13% lower than areas not monitored). But perhaps the best testimonials come from the thieves themselves, with many former intruders saying that a security system (or a barking dog!) is the best deterrent.
  • As we mentioned, alarm systems are more high-tech today and the same can be said for CCTV. Systems today are more computerised and ‘connected’ than those of previous generations, which means you can benefit from a range of features that were once not possible.

How much do CCTV and alarm systems cost?

This really depends on how thorough and comprehensive you want your security system to be. 

A CCTV doorbell can cost as little as a few hundred dollars fully installed, while a series of cameras and a more comprehensive system will set you back well over a thousand dollars.

Likewise, with an alarm system, there’s the set-up cost to purchase and install the control panel, sensors, alarm and other components. Plus if you want a professionally monitored system there’ll be ongoing fees to pay. 

All-up, you can easily invest several thousands of dollars for a comprehensive security system. However, it is difficult to put a price on safety and peace of mind.

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There are plenty of things to consider when you are thinking of having a CCTV or alarm system installed in your home or business. The level of security you require and how much you’re willing to spend are just two things you’ll need to decide.

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