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Security Lighting

Guide to commercial security lighting

We all understand the need for good security around the home, but if you own a commercial property, security is just as important, if not more so. 

While you’ll likely need more than just lights to provide protection, never overlook the important role that commercial security lighting can play. Dark conditions are a friend to thieves and other would-be intruders, so a considered and well-planned lighting system is often enough to ward them off. 

To help ensure your commercial property is adequately protected, here is Adelaide Urban Electrical’s guide to commercial security lighting.

Outdoor security lighting for your commercial premises

When it comes to commercial lighting and security, outdoor motion sensor lighting is likely to be your most important ally. 

Sensor lighting will turn on when any motion is detected, which is an excellent deterrent for thieves or vandals. They’re a much better deterrent in many locations than simply leaving an outdoor light on all night, not just because of the extra running costs. A commercial property that has lighting surrounding it, running all night, in some cases can simply attract unwanted attention and help thieves find their way around more easily. 

Placement of sensor security lighting is vital to ensure your system is effective. Generally, it’s a good idea to place sensor lights in areas where triggering the light will make the area easily observable by other people. In areas that aren’t easily observable (e.g. backdoors and closed off pathways), sensor lighting or always-on outdoor lighting used in conjunction with CCTV cameras is an excellent idea.

Common installation points for commercial sensor security lighting includes:

  • Doorways and windows.
  • Loading bays.
  • Other entrance points.
  • Garages and vehicle parking areas.
  • Walkways and paths
  • Open and garden areas.
  • Outdoor work yards.

Today, there are other features you can employ with commercial sensor security lighting that make it even more attractive. This includes LED security lights, which are extremely cheap to run, have a similar lighting output at a much lower wattage than halogen and incandescent lights, and have long-lasting bulbs. You might also consider installing solar commercial security lighting for zero running costs.

Outdoor security lighting for your commercial premises

Other outdoor commercial lighting

In addition to sensor lighting, you might consider installing garden and perimeter lighting as part of your security lighting plan. 

Just like in and around the home, these are lights that you can place directly in a garden or open area, or walkways and paths around your commercial premises. You can attach lighting to fences and walls, install on posts and more. You can also utilise solar lighting technology to eliminate running costs.

Garden and perimeter lighting has the added advantage of not only aiding security, but improving safety around your commercial property at night. This is particularly important if workers will be using the premises in the evening or at night. It also helps to make your commercial premises more attractive. 

Indoor commercial security lighting

While outdoor lighting is likely to form the major part of your lighting security strategy, indoor lighting can also help. 

For example, with smart lights now being hi-tech, you could easily set up a series of indoor lights that turn on and off on a schedule, or via your phone. This can create the illusion that a staff member is in attendance at your commercial property, even when they’re not. 

This is much better than just leaving lights on all night. This not only wastes money but won’t fool an experienced thief who may have been casing your property for some time.

Indoor commercial security lighting

Other commercial lighting

While security lighting for your commercial premises is vital, it’s likely to be just one component of your lighting needs. 

For example, you’ll need lights for inside your buildings to help the performance and productivity of your employees. As well as enhancing productivity, you’ll want lighting that is energy efficient and requires little maintenance, such as LED lighting technology.

Adelaide Urban Electrical – commercial security lighting experts

Adelaide Urban Electrical provides commercial electrical services throughout Adelaide and surrounding areas. This includes the supply and installation of lights for security and other purposes.

In addition to commercial security lighting, we can help with:

  • Office, factory and retail lighting.
  • Emergency exit lights.
  • Lights for bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Lighting for exhibitions and displays environments.
  • And more.

We can help with all lighting products, including downlights, dimmers, pendant lights, lamps, spotlights, flush mount lights and wall lights. We are also experts in energy management, smart lighting and automation.

To improve the lighting in and around your Adelaide commercial premises, contact Adelaide Urban Electrical now by phoning 0488 488 988. You can also go to our website to book one of our commercial electricians online.

Adelaide Urban Electrical – commercial security lighting experts

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