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Home automation and technical solutions under the NDIS scheme

With the availability of NDIS funding, people with disabilities have more options available to them to live more independently. At AUE we understand that living with a disability poses unique challenges and issues and can work with customers, Occupational Therapists and families to install home automation solutions that are tailored to meet people’s situations and abilities. The goal of smart home technology for customers with disabilities is to create spaces that cater to people’s needs and lifestyles, enhancing independence, autonomy, privacy and
quality of life and changing the way people experience and use their home to their advantage. More importantly, it enables people to complete everyday tasks with ease, autonomy, and simplicity.

Automation can be operated through the touch of a button or voice activation via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Home Safety and Security

Many automated locks have the technology to read fingerprints. Family and friends who visit can save their fingerprints into the system and then use the fingerprint memory to let themselves into the home instead of the homeowner struggling to come to the door. Trusted friends and family will be able to ensure that a door is locked from wherever they are; just by using a smart app on a device such as a tablet or a smartphone. Home automation for customers living with a disability will help them feel safer and more
secure in their homes. During a medical emergency, security systems can be connected to allow a person to access the help that they need simply by just pressing a button on the security system (or phone), someone will be automatically dispatched to the home without having to go through the steps to call emergency services.

The benefits of incorporating security and surveillance features in the smart home network are endless. Home automation systems can connect motion detectors, automated door locks, surveillance cameras throughout the home and can be activated from the mobile before going to bed. We can tailor alerts so you, your family and friends can receive alert notifications any way you choose! Check out the top home automation devices for 2021.

Automatic Light Controls

Lighting control is a must for people living with disabilities, this technology allows for lights to be controlled with a remote control or app on a smartphone and presents an excellent
option for those unable to reach light switches or controls. Another useful home automation lighting feature includes motion-sensor lights with the ability to turn on and off depending on if a person is entering or leaving a room.

Automated Appliances

Home automation systems can be used to manage the settings of appliances to be automatically turned off after a certain period. Many potentially dangerous common household appliances can be hooked up to a home automation system including electric blankets, toasters, and stoves. Home automation for those living with a disability can help people feel safer in their homes and ease the worry of family and friends.

Medicine Dispensing Devices

Home automation can even be used for medication-dispensing devices. These devices can be pre-set to dispense medication at the correct time and the correct dosage.

Savings and Energy Efficency

The smart home space is more energy efficient as it has precise control over your heating and cooling by a programmable smart thermostat that learns your schedule and temperature preferences. It can then recommend the most energy-efficient settings throughout the day whilst taking into consideration the temperature outside. Lights and shades can be programmed to switch to evening mode as the suns sets, and lights can be
automated to turn on and off as you leave or enter a room ultimately saving money on energy bills whilst reducing the homes carbon footprint.

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