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Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning

You’ve probably heard of split system air conditioning, but if you don’t have it in your Adelaide home you possibly don’t know much about it. What exactly are split system air conditioners, how much do they cost, what are their benefits, how energy efficient are they and are they a good option to help keep you cool this summer?

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What is split system air conditioning?

Split system air conditioning gets its name because it has two components that are split. There’s a unit that’s outside – the compressor, fan, circuits and other parts that create the cool air – and there’s a unit on the inside that essentially distributes it. This is the unit you see and control, usually using a remote control to set the temperature. 

In practice, you can actually have more than one unit inside, being serviced by one outdoor unit. This is one of the benefits of split system air conditioning.

The outside and inside units are connected by relatively small pipes and are usually easy to install.

Split system air conditioning benefits

There are many benefits to choosing split system air conditioning for your Adelaide home, to keep you cool this summer. They include:

  • Split system air conditioners are quieter than a lot of other cooling options, partly because the unit the produces the most noise is outside. Noise levels will depend on the fan speed that’s set, but even at high speeds the levels are quite low. Most units have a quiet mode, for nights and other times when you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Units are reliable and require little maintenance. The filters on inside units should be cleaned periodically by the homeowner, with more thorough servicing carried out by a trained professional every few years, to ensure the system continues to work effectively and efficiently. As all parts are easily accessible, maintenance is easier to carry out than many ducted systems.
  • Split system air conditioners are sleek and certainly not unattractive. You probably won’t notice them when not in use, and will sing their praises when they are! They may not be as unobtrusive as ducted cooling, but are certainly inconspicuous compared to window air conditioning and portable cooling options.
  • While most people buy split systems for the cooling, many do a darn good job at heating as well. These are called reverse cycle split system air conditioners and they can be a 365-days-of-the-year hero.
  • Split system air conditioners are powered by electricity and are efficient (more on this soon). If you have solar power installed on your Adelaide home, you can cool your home this summer with ease and without breaking the bank.

How much does split system air conditioning cost?

There are two components to consider when looking at the cost of split system air conditioning. There’s the cost of buying the unit or units and there’s the installation cost, although some companies do both supply and installation.

Compared with non-portable air conditioning systems, split systems are relatively inexpensive. You can purchase units from as little as several hundred dollars. However, you do need to make sure you get a unit that’s the correct size for your space. Purchasing a small unit to cool a large area is inefficient and ineffective, as is using a large unit to cool a small area. Also make sure you purchase a well-known brand with a reasonable warranty.

As for installation costs, it will depend on the size of the unit installed, the distance between the indoor and outdoor units, the site of your installation and more. As a rough guide, expect to pay between $600 and $750 for most installations.

What can be said is that purchasing and installing split system air conditioning will cost significantly less than ducting options. This doesn’t necessarily make split systems the best option for your individual needs, as it will depend on other factors, such as whether you’re after all-of-home cooling or need to cool perhaps one, two or three rooms.

Is split system air conditioning energy efficient?

The other cost to consider is energy efficiency and this is an area where split system air conditioning excels. There are a few qualifiers.

For starters, it’s easy to choose a split system air conditioner that has a good energy rating, as all units sold in Australia are required to display energy rating labels. It pays to buy one with the most stars, if you can afford it. 

Also, in general, the bigger the unit in kilowatts (kW) the more energy you will use. As highlighted above, however, that doesn’t mean you should purchase the smallest unit you can find. Matching the unit’s capacity to the space is important. As a guide, a small room will need a unit that’s around 2.5kW, while a larger area may need a 6kW system.

Also, only run your unit when you need it and at a reasonable temperature. This will keep running costs down.

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