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The difference between commercial and residential electricians

Whether you have an electrical issue at home or at work, the result is the same: it’s a pain and a hassle and you just want to get the issue fixed as quickly as possible. But before you pick up the phone, it’s important to understand that there are differences between electrical services required in the home and those required in the workplace, and choosing the correct service for you is important.

So, let’s have a look at the difference between commercial and residential electricians and what it means for you.

Residential electricians

Residential electricians obviously work in houses, flats, apartments and other residential buildings. This can involve electrical work on new builds or on existing homes, for repairs, upgrades or new installations.

The work of a residential electrician can be varied and can include:

  • Installation and repairs of cables, wiring, power points and switches
  • Installation and repairs of lighting, lighting systems and ceiling fans
  • Installation and repairs of residential switchboards
  • Diagnosing and repairing electrical faults
  • Maintenance of electrical systems 
  • Replacement of old or damaged electrical equipment, such as cooktops and ovens
  • Installation of smoke alarms
  • Installation and repairs to Internet, TV and audio systems

Increasingly, residential electricians are also helping homeowners to reduce the amount of electricity they are using. Another growth area is home automation, in areas such as lighting, heating, cooling, audio, video, doors, gates, blinds and garden watering.

Essentially, for anything electrical inside your home, a qualified residential electrician will be able to help you.

Residential electricians

Commercial electricians

Commercial electricians can work across a wide range of locations. You may find them in retail stores and shops, in factories and other commercial buildings, in public buildings or even down a mine.

While residential electricians often deal with single-phase 240 volts power systems, due to greater electrical requirements, commercial electricians can work with multi-phase power systems and higher voltages. The cabling and associated equipment is therefore larger and more complex, to handle the loads and safety demands.  For electricians, these systems take more knowledge to set-up, install and maintain.

The work of a commercial electrician can include:

  • Rewiring, electrical upgrades and switchboard maintenance
  • Work on office, retail and other commercial electrical fit outs, extensions and new builds
  • Installation and repairs of commercial lighting and lighting systems
  • Emergency, exit and outdoor security lighting
  • Diagnosing and repairing of electrical faults
  • Maintenance of electrical systems to reduce downtime
  • Installation of smoke alarms
  • Installation and repairs to Internet and phone systems
Commercial electricians

So, what’s the difference between commercial and residential electricians?

Both are (or certainly should be) professional and highly-skilled tradespeople who have an excellent understanding of everything involving electricity. This includes wiring, lighting, air conditioning, security systems and a whole lot more. 

The difference can perhaps best be summed up in size. While a residential electricians usually works on individual homes, commercial electricians can often work on larger-scale sites, with bigger and more complex equipment and needs, and often more people involved. This can also mean higher standards, compliance and regulations that need to be met.

While there are differences, there is quite a lot of overlap as well. Most electricians start at the same base by working their way through apprenticeships and trade schooling. Many electricians make their start in residential work and some then branch into commercial work at a later date.

Typically, a commercial electrician can perform residential electrical work, while a residential electrician may not have the skills or knowledge to perform commercial work. 

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